Big Shots For Kids
Big Shots For Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing FREE
photographic artwork to hospitals, bereavement centers and hospices. My particular
goal as a photographer is to capture images of those fuzzy animals that children
love, and place them on hospital walls. With your assistance we will be able to
furnish the walls in special places that need extra joy and inspiration. My recent
discovery that the Veterans Facilities need quality art for their walls has BSFK
concentrating on that effort.

You can support our group with a small or large donation, making others smile as
well as yourself. On September 21st, 2012 I received my 501 (C) (3) non-profit tax
certification from the I.R.S. retroactive to February 11th, 2011. Document access
at the bottom tab I.R.S. certification.

The healing effect of art has been well documented, but not implemented at the
level we hope to achieve with your help.
Lory's Place in St. Joe, Michigan.  Lisa saw this print in the USA Today weather
section in October 2010, and contacted me about purchasing the print for Lory's
director. So her inquiry was exactly what was needed to start the ball rolling.

With the thoughtful assistance of others the ball will pick up speed and provide
art work for the walls of many deserving institutions.

I am in the process of developing a plan to direct my efforts to specific hospitals,
but also allow individuals to direct contributions to hospitals of special interest to